Email Support

Keeping everything fast and clean we do love to provide email support via and we will analyz and respond you as soon as possible.

  • Placeholder Pre-sales Support Do you have any confusion in your mind ?
    So ask us and we are there for answering and clearing your mind with our answers. Making you clear before you purchase our hosting is benefitted to you and us .
  • Placeholder Technical Support Are you facing any Technical Issue with your website ?
    Stop worrying about it as our experts are there to solve your website issue and report you about your website issue caused.
  • Placeholder Billing Support Do you have any query with our billing system then raise a support ticket and we will be in touch with you and solve your problem within few moment.
  • Placeholder General Support Have some enquiry ? Sure we are there for you to answer your questions and we will make everything clear .

Problems With Speed

  • Check the CPU Usage your website is using.
  • Check the IO Load that are taking.
  • Check your Backup plugin is working at that time.
  • Jetpack comes with huge default modules activated.
  • Caching Plugin Activated ?

Problems With Hosting

  • Is your friend can access your website ?
  • Have you tried thrice to login to your Website Panel ?
  • Is Your Problem solved within 4 Hours ?
  • Have tried disabling Mod Security in Cpanel ?
  • Have you taken Phone Support for instant response ?

Website Hacked

  • Check your Mod Security Disabled or not.
  • Have you installed nulled theme or script ?
  • Raise a support for the malware scan from the server.
  • Ask Support Team to restore the last third day backup.
  • Use Sucuri to Clean Your Website

Most Popular Questions

Do You allow website optimization for faster performance ?

Yes , We do offer one website optimization among the all websites you are having in your cpanel. You can raise a support ticket in order to Optimize your main website that you mention for optimization. We will analyz and make it faster in performance. The website optimization for the first website is free however the next website optimization is chargeable as 10$/website one time fee.

How Do You Protect Our Website ?

We do protect each Cpanel separately and separate rules of Firewall protection of each cpanel. Our Servers are protected with DDOS Protection and added firewall tweak to allow the best visitors and block the spammers IP which are globally accepted as Spammer. We do allow only three failed logins to any of your panel and after that the IP will be listed in permanent blacklist in our Server and will be reported to the IP provider.

Which pages are most preferable in your hosting ?

We do support all types of Executable pages like PHP and HTML. The HTML pages are always load faster and consume less resources however Wordpress is best as a Open Source Platform which supports PHP pages but we do strictly recommend you to use Wordpress Caching Plugin in order to reduce utilisation of much resources.

Do you help when I face any issue with my Website ?

Yes our Cloud Axis is built for providing you managed hosting. We will run the scan for the errors causing your website not working. We most preferable to Wordpress platform and help you to make your website running perfect. We do not support the bugs or plugins issue except server side problems.

Still Have A Questions?

We are sure that you didn't find the answeres from the above so we are ready to help you as we do believe Cloud Axis are the best in supporting your website when you face problems with your website.