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Expert Hosting plans will be Upgraded to SSD Server

 Mar 8th

We are now planning to move the Expert hosting plans to move to SSD server without extra charge.We have made a lot of profit, and we would like to share our happiness with you, so we have decided to give you a love of upgrading your website to SSD server which will bring the best performance than HDD.The update will roll out soon, and you will be ... Read More »

SSD Hosting Servers are coming soon

 Feb 28th

We are happy to get a big thumbs up for our hosting services, and we have given our maximum effort to bring a stable hosting to you and your friends.We have planned to bring the SSD hosting, and this will create a much speedy to your website than HDD hard disc.More speed means more ranking boost, and we are there for you to manage your site uptime ... Read More »